The Shortlist: Web Hosting Companies that Don’t Suck

On Web Hosting Top we want to share with you the list of web host we can recommend. It’s not an easy task to find a reliable web host these days. That’s why we have created this website.

The Most Important Features

Here are the most important features I look for when I check a web host:

  • Speed: this one is a complicated thing. It starts with what is the web server (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed), whether http2 or QUIC is enabled, whether there is server-side caching (Varnish, Memcached, etc.), the uplink, compression.
  • Disk space: usually unlimited, but it comes at the price of lower speeds.
  • Bandwidth: again, usually unlimited, but the shared hosts make sure that you won’t use too much of it.
  • Uptime: it’s an absolute must. If your site is consistently down, you will lose costumers and revenue.
  • Support: shit happens, and when it hits the fan you want to be able to reach somebody who can take care of things expediently.

The Shortlist

We have a shortlist of the best companies.


GreenGeeks is the best green web host in our opinion. They have great speeds and service. Read our review here.


One of the oldest web hosts, Bluehost continues to be on my top list. Read our review here.


They are running an incredibly reliable service. I think they are based in Bulgaria. Support is lightning-fast. Read our review here.


These guys put serious effort into all their services. You can buy hosting for anything there. Read our review here.


An old player too, Hostgator has excellent cloud hosting service. Read our review here.


Hostinger is a new player, but they are stable. The service is excellent, support is reliable, and uptime is also above average. Read our review here.

Inmotion Hosting

One of my favorites, they provide premium business hosting. Their support is quite enthusiastic too. Read our review here.

It’s Time to Choose a Top Hosting Company

There are many websites offering web hosting reviews. Since billions of websites exist today, it is evident that people who are thinking about putting a website of their own on the net are interested in finding the best host for their enterprise. Sites like that give people a chance to see which hosting company they may tie their fortunes up with. There are many sites through which you can get hundreds upon hundreds of reviews of web hosting companies – if the number doesn’t go into the thousands (I haven’t done a count – the site has more host reviews than you can shake your proverbial stick at). The web hosting industry is famous about its affiliate commissions though, so handle all reviews with a big grain of salt.

Sites dedicated to web hosting reviews reveal some things that you as a potential buyer for a hosting service might be interested in. Let’s take a few examples in order:

InMotion Hosting has an overall rating of almost 100% across all the review sites. They have gotten hundreds of reviews, the majority of them recommended the hosting company. Under rating using a scale of 10 (with 10 being the highest rating), you’ll find the following breakdown: 9.96 is the rating for uptime and reliability; responders also gave 9.98 rating for server and connection speed, and 9.96 for customer support and the level of technical knowledge. Inmotion is a definite candidate for anyone looking for an excellent host.

Go Daddy: a well-known company, one of the biggest. This particular hosting company has not done as well as the previous one under consideration here. The overall, in this case, is around 50%. The number of recommendations is fewer on the positive than on the negative side. The breakdown is as follows: half of the reviews say, “yes” to the hosting company. The 10 scale gives us further discouraging numbers: the number for uptime and reliability is 7.78 (out of 10), and server and connection speed is only 7.20. The other numbers are even lower, with 5.93 being given for customer service and billing.

The question that often arises when someone is looking for web hosting – or sites that provide web hosting reviews – is this: how reliable are these reviews? As I mentioned earlier, web hosting is famous for its high affiliate commissions. Are the reviews impartial and honest? Are they slanted in favor of the companies in question? In other words, are the reviewers trying to promote or sell the services of a given hosting company? In which case you cannot trust that review 100%. Accurate information is hard to come by. We at are personally reviewing all hosting companies we recommend, giving you stats and data of our findings.

Of course, the subjective factor must not be overlooked entirely. There may be specific, individual reasons why one man likes one company and dislikes the other. The best thing you can do if you are interested in finding a host for your website is to concentrate on the hard facts. If the reviewer says something like “that host sucks” or “this host is awesome” without giving a reason why, well, those reviews might not be as helpful as you might think.

I imagine this is how you look for a web hosting company (that’s what I did when the first time): you search for web hosting in Google. You find a hosting company that’s cheap and looks good. It looks too good. So you had back to Google and searched for reviews on that company.

Before you hook up with a host, be sure to check out the web hosting reviews written by us.

This website is continually growing. We are personally reviewing all web hosting companies so it will take some time until we have a good selection of companies and their reviews.